Why Are Black Women So Angry?‏

As many of you know, I'm an avid theater goer and I enjoy seeing plays that challenge assumptions and confront my intellectual sensibilities. I also delight in mixing it up and debating the meaning of a production. However, recently I was disappointed in a lazy review of the classic "Our Town." 

The play, which takes place in early 20th century New Hampshire, usually casts a White man as the Stage Manager. However, in the production I saw, the artistic director cast a Black woman in that role. A reviewer wrote that he enjoyed her performance but wondered why she was so angry. 

As a woman who got angry reading this review, I can assure you that the Stage Manager was cheerful and bubbly. Reading this review reminded me of the recent New York Times article about Shonda Rhimes which suggested that her autobiography should address, "How to Get Away With Being an Angry Black Woman."  

In 2014, the stereotype of the angry black woman is a bias that persists. What would it take to shake this perception? What would it take to see black women as happy? Click "reply" to this email as I would love to hear your thoughts.






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