The Top Five People Who Can Save...


The Top Five People Who Can Save Your Reputation at Work‏


Did he just say that? Did she just do that? From inappropriate jokes to subtle slights, you may have shaken your head a few times in the office.

While every employee (even senior management) should have a line up of the following professionals in their cell phones, employees from underrepresented groups should especially make an effort to have these professionals on their "in case of workplace emergency" short list.

Why? The sad reality is that it is highly likely that a work assignment, unfair performance review, or unfounded termination are more likely to occur when you are not a member of the majority in an organization.

I've put together a list of five people who will help you save time, money, and your sanity at work.

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Fellowships and Other Resources

The following are incredible opportunities that seek to advance racial, gender, and other dimensions of diversity in the arts and sciences! Please share them widely within your networks.

1. Director of Finance Opportunity in the Arts
2. Hackbright Academy's Software Engineering Fellowship for Women
3. Twenty Amazing Writing Residencies





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