After Seeing the Movie Selma

(David Oyelowo as MLK leading inter-racial and inter-faith protesters from Selma to Montgomery, AL )

I'll admit that initially, I had no interest in seeing the movie Selma. Despite the Oscar nominations and star-studded cast, I was not excited about seeing "another MLK movie." Since kindergarten, MLK was the only Civil Rights leader I learned about in school. Please understand that I truly respect and admire his sacrifices and struggles. However, I thought, "What new spin could this movie put on MLK?"

I'll also admit that Civil Rights and Civil War movies put me in a sour mood. I didn't feel like reliving the pain from those times. Yet, I knew it was important to support this movie if I wanted to ensure that Hollywood continues to see movies about the issues that are important to me as profitable.

After seeing the movie, the only thing that put me in a sour mood was knowing that Ava Duvernay, the movie's director, was not nominated for an Oscar. Selma is an intricate and seamless account of the collaborations and strategies that Black and White leaders employed to bring about change in America. The movie makes you appreciate the power and ripple effects of voting. It was certainly was not just another MLK movie. I highly encourage you to see it with a friend or two.




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