Monthly Compliance Training

QUEST's Monthly Compliance Training in New Haven

Did you know that Connecticut requires companies with 50 or more employees to provide sexual harassment prevention training to its managers?


QUEST Diversity's 2-hour training is a convenient and cost-effect solution that will give your managers and employees strategies for detecting, correcting, and preventing sexual harassment in your workplace. The sessions are led by Natalie Holder, an employment lawyer who has developed compliance training for companies such as Fox News, Diageo, and the NYC Fire Department. 

$40 per employee for Chamber members
$50 per employee for non-Chamber members
$30 per employee when 4 or more employees from the same company attend the same session.

Cost includes continental breakfast, training materials and a certificate of attendance. The next session is scheduled for February 28th at 8am. Contact or call 800.897.0260 for more details.



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