How to Bring Baltimore and Ferguson to Work‏

Kindness--It's Simple

While at home, many of us have tuned into the evening news and watched the tragedies in Ferguson, Staten Island, and now Baltimore, most employers-- even the ones with Diversity Officers--have not said a peep. Does an employer, especially a corporation with shareholders, have a duty to do anything? Aren't these issues too controversial for the workplace? 

If an employer is quick to respond to other disasters, like the earthquake in Nepal (which my heart goes out to), then why not create a volunteer effort to work with the Red Cross or another well-regarded organization to help clean up Baltimore? 

An employer can even start a matching fund to support employees who want to donate money to the families and businesses that have been displaced by the razing and looting. There is no controversy in helping the innocent Baltimore citizens who have become the riot's collateral damage. 

When our workplaces include the Baltimores and Fergusons in their volunteer or corporate social responsibility efforts, these efforts make the workplace more relevant to their employees as well as their consumers. These courageous organizations and companies send a powerful message that they are aware of a national crisis and that they want to be a part of the solution. 

Natalie Holder



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